Miami-based startup People as a Service has successfully closed its latest funding round, raising $425,000, the company said Wednesday.

The funding will allow the startup to expand its cloud-based services. People as a Service connects clients with freelancers, but doesn’t end the business there. The startup works closely with the clients to help find the perfect freelancer for the job, and follows up on the project to ensure completion and client satisfaction.

“After having been a CEO of several companies, including a $160 million German technology company, I recognized that the way talent is integrated into many enterprises is often far too rigid, inflexible and costly,” People as a Service founder and CEO Rolf Ritter said. “Today we are able to integrate talent virtually from all over the world and for the time we actually need. This allows companies to outsource even the smallest tasks to virtual talent for a fraction of the cost and gain better results.”

Freelancers using the service also benefit by avoiding a lengthy proposal submission process and being assured that they will only work on projects suited to their specific skill sets.

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