Four years ago I was faced with a life changing situation after my father was diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. After watching the disease progress for a couple of years, I made the move to a small community in rural Missouri to assist with his care. Initially I believed that I would be an asset to a small town struggling with economic growth. But my ambitious ideas were not welcome.

After applying at every local business and healthcare operation within fifty miles, I decided that I was unemployable. It seemed that all the years I spent in the technology sector as well as the few years I ran a personal chef and catering businesses were not going to win me any points. This is hardly the center of technological innovation nor does healthy food appeal to a meat and potatoes clientele.

My Story of Becoming a Freelancer

I turned to becoming a freelancer. Realizing that the top three online staffing companies — really monetized job boards — were still in their infancy, I finally settled with one where I would bear the least amount of risk and out-of-pocket expenses. I posted my profile and photograph and soon I started receiving requests to bid on jobs. And my learning curve began.

I met some of the greatest visionaries in the industry, unsung innovators all over the world who were trying to launch a company. Many appreciated and embraced my experience. It was an asset for companies who were seeking business acumen. I created many business plans in all business sectors. I helped people with the sales and marketing aspect of their business. I worked on projects that were mouth-dropping to companies who needed reorganization.

Why Freelancing as a Career was My Best Choice?

I had the freedom to pick and select projects while having the ability to be an advocate for my Father who passed away. I certainly did not receive the financial rewards I received in corporate America, but I had the opportunity to be creative. I co-created companies from the ground up. Every day presented a new concept in social media, which would be woven into the marketing strategy.

I am anything but gray-haired (a term of endearment by one of my young guns clients) but freelancing is right for those who continue to want to make a difference. It is not about the money, you have to consider yourself the first step in the incubation process.

I am now in the process of re-building my career. I continue to work on freelance sites on various projects. Based on my experience, I am now engaged in the freelance business. What a great opportunity to make a difference.

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