You finally get the approval to hire an employee in your department. You decide the grade level, an acceptable range of salaries, perks like sign-up bonuses, etc. You then co-create a job posting with the human resources group outlining responsibilities, required skill sets & education and a desired timeline for hiring.

You desire to find the right person for the role at a fair market price.

Human resources posts the jobs on the company website and job board sites, contact their internal and external recruiters, and begin the screening process. The costs thus far are mounting. Productivity time and posting fees. Tick, tick, tick.

Opportunity for Onboarding Cost Experience

A few weeks later you’ve found the perfect fit. You’ve negotiated the employment contract. A job offer has been carefully constructed. The candidate has accepted the offer and then

The opportunity has arrived for a good onboarding experience.

More time, more money.

Job offer Workspace, Virtual Employee, Equipment, Tools, Passwords, Access Key, Introductions, Lunch Mentors, Briefing Expectations, Paperwork, Probation, Training and many more.

But many times that opportunity is missed which can cost the company 150% of the departing employee’s salary to replace with a new candidate.

More costs in productivity, recruiting fees and other outlay.

How to Reduce Onboarding Costs?

So how can we help companies and organizations of all sizes reduce some of the costs of onboarding? Talent as a Service.

Cloud staffing companies offer a unique approach for filling positions within your organization. They offer freelancers to fill many of your roles and complete many of your projects. You engage the freelancers a little or a lot.

Benefits of Hiring Freelancers

Benefits include:

  • Cloud based platform
  • Easy to use
  • Multi generation and diverse global workforce
  • Affordable fee structure

Companies like People as a Service take the freelancing model to new levels. They work with clients to find the right candidates at an affordable price, they interview the selections and make the final decision. Their dynamic workforce can transfer their skills and hit the ground running from day one. They also offer continuous feedback to keep skills honed and projects on track.

If customers decide to hire one of the freelancers they offer affordable flat rate fees that don’t bust the budget.

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