To better understand the question about how does the average knowledge worker spends his time, the McKinsey Global Institute made a study and their findings are shocking, to say the least.

Not even half the time people spent is actually on the job they were hired for. An incredible 61% of time is spent on email, tracking down information, communication, meetings etc. And people basically only work on the task they are paid for during 39% of their time.

Now many companies make internal projects to become more efficient, write less and more meaningful email or train their employees how to make productive meetings. However this has only marginal impact on the overall time spent within larger organizations.

Knowledge Worker in Freelance Economy

The Freelance Economy on the other hand is a game changer. The people you hire as freelancers are paid for the job they are doing and you pay only for what you actually get and not for the other 61% of organizational bureaucracy. And thats not all. Your freelance workforce will make you more dynamic and flexible and reduce the complexity of your organization, which in turn lets your key employees spend more time on the job they are best at.

Have a look at the McKinsey Study for additional information.

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