People as a Service is One of the Few Chosen to Present at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam!

A two-day event in Amsterdam with 20,000 participants sounds like a great party, but when it’s a conference for The Next Web, it’s also a great business opportunity for tech startups. People as a Service was one of the few businesses that was invited to present, and so naturally, we spent the weekend in Amsterdam spreading the word about the future of work.

The Next Web is an online publisher, that also hosts technology conferences around the world. At their conferences, startups are given an opportunity to describe their business before a room full of potential colleagues and investors. Over 1,000 companies applied to TNW this year, and only 150 were invited to the conference. All 150 companies pitched their business plan before a jury, all hoping they would have the chance to address the entire conference. Only 20 businesses are given that opportunity, and People as a Service is proud to report that we were one of the 20 who made the final cut!

Rolf Ritter, our founder and CEO, and Georg Meyer, our technology vision and strategy specialist, flew to Amsterdam to explain to an expanded audience what we understand about the changing future of work.

Everyone has already heard of outsourcing and freelancing, but most follow the old model, where a freelancing platform just gives you a stack of resumes and forces you to sift through them yourself. This is both counterproductive and frustrating; most business owners cannot choose the right person on their first try, because they know their own industry and not the one that they are hiring for. A caterer needs a website, but they probably don’t know enough about website design to choose a developer on their own. And this is why People as a Service is so valuable.

We explained, to an enthusiastic crowd, that our company finds the best-fit freelancer for the work you need to get done, which results in productivity and work satisfaction for everyone involved. Business owners get their jobs done by qualified professionals, and freelancers are able to work where their competencies lie best.

You can check the finals of the Boost presentation here.

We also shared with the TNW attendees that People as a Service has applied for a patent to our machine learning algorithm, which helps us ensure that the best freelancers are paired with the right companies.

We are working to deliver the future of work today, and we appreciate any opportunity to share our vision with others. We had a great time at TNW, we met many innovative and creative leaders, and we appreciated the chance to show how we have solved the broken work market with a virtual, results-based method.

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