The latest business buzzword is the cloud, and it is what everyone talks about as the future of computing: Why store your data locally, when you can sync and share it with your entire company on the cloud, is the question on everyone’s lips. Gradually, cloud computing is becoming standard for many businesses, but only a few innovators are realizing another truth about the cloud–it is an ideal environment for staffing, as well.

The People Cloud is the future of work, because if you don’t limit yourself to your computer or office for data, why limit yourself to your local community when looking for talented workers? The people cloud is the newest way to enhance your business with the power of technology.

As our world becomes more connected via mobile technology, our ability to work together becomes easier and more desirable. A smart phone, a slim laptop, the wireless connection that we all seem to have, these are the things that cross any boundary and unite us into one group of talented, creative co-workers. As we become accustomed to sharing data across several company offices and syncing our business documents within our business network, it makes sense to use that same cloud to bring in new talent to our organizations. The only glitch comes when we try to find new talent on our own.

Fortunately, this is where the People as a Service business model shines brightest: You may be struggling to find the best freelancer to collaborate with, but we already know the most talented freelancers. And we are eager to make the introductions, so your business and our freelancer can both thrive in the new cloud-based economy.

When you work with People as a Service, we begin by getting to know you and your business needs. We help you clarify your project goals, which helps us fully understand your project requirements. From there, we can pair you with a talented freelancer who not only has the skills to complete your work, but also has been vetted by us, so we know that they will be the perfect fit for your business needs.

Our goal is to help you be successful as you work with the people cloud and join fully the future of work. Don’t be intimidated by the new buzzwords, and instead learn why they are booming right now by using them to sharpen your edge in the business world.

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