Setting up your own business can be a very daunting task. Some are confident from the start, but most wonder how they will do everything that needs to be done. In addition to keeping customers happy by providing your unique service or product, you also need to keep track of your books, hire and manage employees, work with suppliers, and promote your business to new clients. And that list doesn’t include the many smaller details that must be attended to each day.

In addition to these traditional tasks, there is the modern need to dive head-first into social media. Few businesses can survive today without a significant social media marketing plan and presence. It is an ideal way to reach new customers, to inform your audience about product launches and other changes in your business, and to keep your company’s name on everyone’s lips.

But for many business owners, social media is another business task that they either do not have the knowledge to perform effectively, or they just do not have the time to devote to developing and managing well.

Fortunately, social media marketing is a job that is ideally-suited to the cloud economy and can easily be outsourced to a talented freelancer.

We have a client who needed a social media plan, and he turned to People as a Service for help. We were able to match him with a talented professional who was able to take this task off his list of things to do. Now, his business has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, so his clients can learn about new events at his business, while also sharing his business information with their online friends and contacts. Naturally, this activity has generated more traffic to his website, which has increased his client base and added to his bottom line.

And the best part is that his social media marketer takes care of all the details for him. He is able to focus on his business, and is also able to participate in the world of social media, because his freelancing marketer maintains his online presence for him. He is able to work with his unique skills and talents, and his marketer is able to do the same, all to the benefit of his business.

Let us help your business thrive, by finding the perfect-fit freelancers for you!

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