Computers are a part of life for most people who work in offices these days, and a knowledge of the most popular programs is necessary for success. Most of us can find our way through a program like Microsoft Excel, but sometimes there is a need to use the more advanced aspects of the program, and often help is needed to fully optimize the program.
A client found themselves in this situation when they needed to collect, integrate, and analyze data from multiple Excel worksheets, that were sourced from a variety of subsidiaries, and had to be matched with the company’s internal data. A great deal of work was expended to gather and attempt to analyze the data, but all parties were unhappy with both the process and the results. Too much time and effort were being spent to achieve a very sub-standard result. And so, they turned to People as a Service for help, which we were happy to provide.
After working with them to understand what their spreadsheet needs were, we paired them with a specialized Excel Macro and Template developer who was able to design a template that met their requirements quickly and efficiently. Our freelancer designed a template that collected, integrated, and analyzed all available data, while preserving the simplicity of Excel that employees were accustomed to. The new template was even clear enough that all subsidiaries, even the smaller ones, were able to use it without additional training. The entire business organization benefited from a powerful tool that was both integrated and standardized into their system and needs.
At People as a Service, we are in the solutions business because we work with our clients to solve their business problems with innovative and cost-effective results that make everyone’s work day more successful.

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