The current working revolution that we are experiencing is occurring hand in hand with the flooding of the workforce with talented Millennials. It is no surprise to a careful observer, because the qualities that exemplify Millennials are the same that are shaping the new world of work.

This new world is dynamic, fast-paced, and flexible; businesses must adopt these qualities if they hope to recruit the most talented younger workers and remain viable in the new economy.

Millennials, those who were born between 1980 and 2000, were raised on technology and their outlook is a very unique one. They are ambitious and have a desire to keep learning; they are not content to do the same thing repeatedly, but relish a challenge and are willing to change jobs or locations in order to seek the next contest. Their lifestyle is fast-paced and flexible, in part because it is powered by a continual use of technology. From their smart phones to their laptops, theirs is an on-demand world, and that translates into an approach to work that emphasizes all these elements.

For businesses, the influx of Millennials will restructure the entire work environment. Millennials prefer electronic communications and value flexibility above all: To be competitive, a business will need to shift their focus away from traditional office work and embrace networked organizations and flexible work situations. In the recent past, this meant allowing some employees to work from home occasionally. Now, it means that most of your employees, who are actually freelancers hired for a specific project, will work from home and check in with you via email, text message, or Skype. It also means that home for your freelancers is not necessarily the same city or even country where you live, but details like that become less important when what everyone really wants, primarily, is to share talents. And that can be accomplished from any location in the world.

To understand how younger workers and new technology will affect your business as a whole, be sure to read our essay, What the Future of Work Means for Your Business.

It is a cliché to say that the youth are our future, but sometimes a cliché expresses a truth: The future is here now because Millennials are unwilling to work under the old system, and so are changing the world to be more like them. The technology revolution is transforming the world of work from a location in an office to an activity that can be done anywhere by anyone at anytime. And Millennials are leading the way.

For a detailed exploration of the dramatic changes in how people have worked together, from a hunter-gatherer society to our modern technological world, read Rolf Ritter’s ebook, The 4th Technological Revolution: The Way We Work will Never be the Same Again, which you can access here.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Rolf Ritter has thrived in a successful, fast-paced career that has spanned the globe. In late 2013, Rolf published his first book, a fascinating text on the revolutionary transition, beginning with the Agricultural Revolution, that has led us to our current revolution: Information Technology. Utilizing his findings, he has since established People as a Service, a revolutionary start-up that guides companies into the shared labor economy.

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