Our vision is to fix the broken market of work. The future will be very different, not just in the way we hail a taxi, but also in the way we work. People as a Service is forging a new and trusting relationship between companies that need to get things done, and the global, freelancing talent that wants to have rewarding and motivating work. Both parties need a flexible, dynamic, and cost-effective way to engage with each other and with this we build the perfect market for work. The State of the Global Workplace report found that actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion per year. We want to put some of that money back into the company’s pockets.


Rolf Ritter
Founder and CEO
  • CEO $160M Technology Company
  • Raised over $20M
  • Multiple Start-ups
  • Published Author
  • MBA Teacher

Rolf combines Vision, Strategy, Technology and Execution

Georg Meyer
Technology Vision & Strategy
  • PhD in predictive Technology
  • McKinsey Consultant
  • EVP Junior Chamber International

Georg has a profound strategic know-how in Technology and Business Execution

Ty Richardson
Co-Founder and CMO
  • PhD in Business and Technology
  • Founded talent Start-up and raised over $4M
  • Accomplished Entrepreneur at Fortune 500 company

Ty combines a strong Start-up and Business background with extensive Sales experience

Michel Koopman
Co-Founder & Advisor
  • Business Development Executive at multiple global companies
  • Small business consultant
  • CEO high growth Internet company

Michel has a profound experience in Sales, Business Development in large and small companies